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Why Are Baby Teeth So Important?

Dentists in Manhattan NYMany people mistakenly disregard the importance of baby teeth because they know that these teeth will eventually fall out and be replaced by the permanent teeth. However, baby teeth play a significant role in the development of children’s mouths, helping them eat well, speak properly, and allowing the adult teeth to grow in correctly. The baby teeth tend to emerge into the mouth between six months of age to one year. These teeth will grow and develop until they have all fallen out and been replaced by the age of about 14. The baby teeth are important because they are place holders for the permanent teeth, which are meant to last for the rest of people’s lives. Continue reading

Look Years Younger With Porcelain Veneers

Manhattan NY Cosmetic DentistThe aging process is an exception to no one – everyone, everywhere will be affected by growing older. Many people associate gray hair, wrinkles, and joint issues with growing older, yet quite a few people are taken aback by how aging affects the appearance of their smile. The mouth is used daily for biting, chewing, laughing, speaking, and some personal habits (some good, some bad). Decades of use will begin to show signs of wear on the mouth as people grow older. If your smile has taken on the appearance of aging that no amount of teeth whitening or hiding behind a closed smile can hide, now is the time to consider what porcelain veneers can do for you. Continue reading

Dental Treatments While Breastfeeding

Cosmetic Dentists in Manhattan NYExpectant mothers have a great deal on their minds as they grow a tiny human (or multiple tiny humans) inside their wombs. Of course, the worries of a mother never cease, and when a child is miraculously born into the world mothers have different concerns to keep them busy. Mothers who choose to breastfeed their babies must take extra precaution to continue to monitor what they allow into their bodies. Substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and other chemicals can affect the quality of their breast milk, thus affecting their nursing babies. Women who are breastfeeding and need dental treatment are often concerned how medications used during treatment will affect their milk. At Group Health Dental, we are committed to providing exceptional care to all our patients, and we want to help clarify guidelines for mothers who are breastfeeding healthy, full-term babies. Continue reading

Dry Mouth

A chronic dry mouth is more than just an uncomfortable experience, it can pose significant problems to a person’s oral health. If you have ever experienced a dry mouth for a short period of time, you know the desire to have moisture put back into your cheeks, tongue, gums, and roof of the mouth. A dry mouth can cause problems swallowing, speaking, and it often indicates that something more serious is going on.

A dry mouth is essentially the cause of an insufficient amount of saliva being produced. Saliva is one of the most overlooked components of oral health, yet it plays a vital role. Saliva helps to neutralize oral acids that are produced by the bacteria that live inside the mouth on a daily basis. Saliva also helps to rinse the teeth from bacteria in order to prevent it from building up along the gum lines. Dry mouth can also cause significantly bad breath because the oral bacteria will dry up and remain attached to the teeth. If you are experiencing chronic dry mouth, it is essential that you bring it to your dentist’s attention to both identify the reason for the condition and to prescribe treatment. Continue reading

Can Children Get Gum Disease?

Dentists in New York City NYThere are certain illnesses, diseases, and conditions that people often only associate with growing older. It is often assumed that dental problems affect those in their advanced years, but this is a common misconception that often makes dental problems in children worse than they should be. Gum disease can affect people of all ages. In children, gum disease often presents itself with the same symptoms that adults experience: red, swollen, tender gums; receding gum lines; gums that bleed easily; and persistent bad breath. If you child is experiencing any of these symptoms, it is important to take your child to the dentist immediately. The longer symptoms of gum disease persist, the more serious oral health issues will become. Continue reading

Sensitive Gag Reflex

New York NY Sedation DentistryThe gag reflex is a natural reflex of the human body that is meant to help save you from choking. Everyone has a gag reflex, but some people’s reflex is much more sensitive than others. For some people, if anything touches or gets too close to the palate of the mouth then their gag reflex will go into effect. Many people avoid going to the dentist because they are afraid of how they will react when something is put into their mouth. Continue reading

Vitamins and Oral Health

Periodontist in Midtown Manhattan NYStudies have shown numerous times that the American diet is one of the unhealthiest in the world. Over-eating causes millions of Americans to be overweight and unhealthy. People live busy lives, and they allow convenience foods to replace real foods and meals made at home. Because of their unhealthy eating choices, most Americans are generally lacking in essential vitamins and minerals in their daily diets. Adding certain supplements to your daily intake can help to provide a more well-balanced approach to ensure that you are getting all of the nutrients your body needs. It is always important to speak with your primary care physician before adding supplements to ensure that you take the correct amount. Continue reading

Acid Erosion

Most people take their teeth for granted on a daily basis. Sure, they eat with them, they smile, and they even brush them twice a day – but the teeth are more susceptible to damage than most people realize. Simple choices made day in and day out have the ability to severely damage the teeth.

What you choose to put inside your mouth affects every part of your mouth. While this may sound obvious, do you make decisions about what you eat, drink, chew, suck on, and indulge in with this in mind? Acid erosion is a serious concern for people, yet most of them do not realize it. The teeth are vulnerable to decay in more ways than just developing cavities. Acid erosion occurs when the tooth structure (i.e. the integrity of the tooth enamel and gum tissue) becomes deteriorated due to the chemical dissolution by acids. Foods, beverages, and certain habits are the biggest culprits behind acid erosion. Continue reading

Benefits of Saving a Tooth Instead of Removing It

New York NY Tooth ExtractionsPermanent teeth are meant to last a lifetime, yet they are often damaged by decay, infection, and trauma which leaves them susceptible to loss. A tooth that is severely damaged is often feared to be “lost,” leaving many to fear that they will need to have a tooth extracted. However, not all damaged teeth need to be removed. In fact, there are several benefits of saving a tooth instead of removing it. Antibiotics, root canals, and other treatment options are generally quite successful methods that provide benefits to the mouth that extraction can not. Continue reading

Dental Phobia

Sedation Dentists in Manhattan NYMillions of people know that they should visit the dentist at least once a year, yet they refuse to go. Of those millions of people, over half of them would admit to having some sort of dental issue that should be addressed, but they still refuse to see the dentist. Fear, anxiety, stress, and panic often get in the way of people visiting the dentist. Their emotions or past experiences continually confront them, making it almost impossible for them to make, or keep, dental appointments. Dental phobia is a real condition that often gets in the way of people receiving the dental treatment that they need. Continue reading