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Dental Health New York, NY

“Interdependent Relationship” Between Malnutrition And Oral Health

September 26-30 is Malnutrition Awareness Week in the United States. The Journal of Clinical & Diagnostic Research explained in an article that “Malnutrition affects the oral health and a poor oral health in turn, may lead to malnutrition. This interdependent relationship sees good nutritional health, thus promoting good oral health and vice versa.” In other words,

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Custom Colored Athletic Mouth Guards

Feeling Sporty For The Fall Season?

Can you believe we are approaching fall already? We think we’re all ready for the cooler temperatures and changing of the leaves all around our city. There’s nothing like a stroll or bike ride through Central Park to admire the trees’ bountiful colors. Fall also ushers in glorious fall sports. If you’re looking for the

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Man Getting an Oral Cancer Screening New York NY

Oral Cancer Protection

Group Health Dental offers oral cancer screenings as part of our comprehensive dental checkups. Our goal during your appointment with us is to provide you with preventive dental care and also to detect any dental health problems, such as oral cancer, while it is in its early state. Early detection of oral cancer is one

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Tooth Implant New York, NY

August 22nd is National Tooth Fairy Day

Group Health Dental Can Help You With Your Missing Tooth “I thought the tooth fairy was a very creepy concept as a kid. ‘Put your tooth under the pillow.’ I was like, ‘Why does someone want my teeth?” –Guillermo del Toro What did you think about the Tooth Fairy when you were a kid? Most

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noise canceling headphones New York NY

Noise Cancellation Headphones For The Win!

How were your Fourth of July celebrations? We hope you had a safe and enjoyable day with your friends and family as you had a cookout and watched the fireworks. For many Americans the fireworks are exciting, beautiful and wonderful. On the other hand, there’s also a portion of people who view them with terror

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Healthy Teeth and Gums New York NY

Showing Your Gums Some Love

If your gums are not in a healthy state, you may have something called Periodontal Disease (gum disease). This progressive disease affects the supporting and surrounding tissue of your gums. Periodontal disease is a progressive disease that can get aggressively worse if it is not properly treated and prevented. General care for your gums includes

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Dental X-rays New York NY

They Say I Need A Dental X-Ray. What Do I Need To Know?

Dental x-rays are an important diagnostic tool that you most likely will need or have needed in the past. They are used to detect dental health problems that cannot be detected during a physical examination. Group Health Dental utilizes the most advanced dental x-ray technology available in Manhattan to produce x-rays that can be used

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Clear Dental Aligner Beside Its Case New York NY

3 Reasons Midtown Manhattan Residents Choose Invisalign

Group Health Dental in Midtown Manhattan offers Invisalign invisible braces for patients who experience smile dissatisfaction due to misaligned teeth. They are a top choice for most New Yorkers seeking straighter teeth and a more beautiful smile. Invisalign invisible braces can be used to straighten teeth that are crooked, overlapping, misaligned, unevenly spaced or crowded.

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