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Overcome Bad Breath

New York NY DentistBad breath is something that plagues everyone from time to time. You enjoy an Italian meal loaded with garlic, you (and those around you) will know it for a day or two. However, what about those who are constantly plagued with bad breath? Those who cannot find relief no matter how often they chew gum, brush their teeth, or rinse with mouthwash? If you are someone who is afflicted by bad breath, take heart – there are things you can do to overcome this burden.

While this seems more than obvious, bad breath is caused by something affecting your mouth. Yet, it is not always what you expect it to be. You could avoid garlic and onions like the plague and still be burdened by constant bad breath. The most important thing about bad breath is to find the source of the problem and to then remove it. Continue reading

Do I Need To Use Mouthwash

New York NY Dentist in Midtown ManhattanA popular question that patients ask their dentists is whether or not they need to use mouthwash. The truth of the matter is that anything you do to have a cleaner mouth will improve your oral health – as well as your overall health. Mouthwash is one of those items that is typically not categorized as a necessity, but it is certainly not harmful and can benefit many people.

At times, mouthwash can be just an added expense. Depending on whether you use it once or twice (or more) a day, a bottle of mouthwash does not last that long. Many people are relieved to learn that they do not need mouthwash to achieve a healthy smile. Brushing the teeth at least twice a day, flossing once a day, and visiting the dentist twice a year are enough for most people who have good oral health. However, mouthwash can provide many benefits for those who struggle with certain oral health concerns. Continue reading

Cavity Prevention

No matter who you are, no matter where you were born, no matter what your economic position is – you only get one set of permanent teeth in life. That means, taking care of your teeth is incredibly important if you want them to last for your entire lifetime. And who doesn’t?!? Continue reading

Save Your Smile, Stop Smoking!

New York NY DentistThere are a lot of reasons to stop smoking: live longer, live healthier, improve how your breath smells, improve how your teeth look. Just in case you need another incentive to stop smoking – it will help you save your smile!

Stopping the habit of smoking will immediately improve your oral health. Tobacco is an irritant to the gum tissues inside the mouth. Many people take their gum tissues for granted, yet the gums help to hold the teeth in place by stabilizing them in the mouth. The gum tissues are also necessary for protecting the roots of the teeth that supply life to the teeth. Because tobacco is an irritant to the gum tissues, every time you smoke, you are weakening the tissues and causing your teeth to become vulnerable to decay and loss. The day you stop smoking, your gums will be healthier. The body is an incredible self-healing machine that wants to protect itself from decay. Once you make the choice to stop harming your mouth, your body’s system will begin working to heal it. Continue reading

Dental Plaque: Your Mouth’s Enemy

Manhattan NY General DentistYou lock your doors to keep unwanted people out of your home. You take medicine that the doctor prescribes when you are ill in order to get well. You show up day in and day out for work to guarantee that you receive a paycheck at the end of each month. You do these things to ensure that you are taking care of what matters, right? Well, what exactly are you doing to take care of your oral health? If your only answer is that you brush your teeth [usually] twice a day, then the fact is: you are not doing enough. Continue reading

Toothbrush Care

Every time you visit the dentist you receive a new toothbrush, but do you know why? Your dentist understands that in order to clean your mouth properly you need a clean tool to use. However, taking care of your toothbrush between dental visits is also important.
Continue reading

A Healthy Diet For a Healthy Smile

Cosmetic Dentists in Manhattan NY
Every food and every beverage that you put into your mouth affects your body. However, it is important to note that your diet affects more than just your weight. Because all of your food and beverages choices enter through your mouth, your oral health is dependent on your dietary choices. Knowing the best components of a healthy diet will help you achieve and maintain a healthy smile for life. Continue reading

Why Are Baby Teeth So Important?

Dentists in Manhattan NYMany people mistakenly disregard the importance of baby teeth because they know that these teeth will eventually fall out and be replaced by the permanent teeth. However, baby teeth play a significant role in the development of children’s mouths, helping them eat well, speak properly, and allowing the adult teeth to grow in correctly. The baby teeth tend to emerge into the mouth between six months of age to one year. These teeth will grow and develop until they have all fallen out and been replaced by the age of about 14. The baby teeth are important because they are place holders for the permanent teeth, which are meant to last for the rest of people’s lives. Continue reading

Look Years Younger With Porcelain Veneers

Manhattan NY Cosmetic DentistThe aging process is an exception to no one – everyone, everywhere will be affected by growing older. Many people associate gray hair, wrinkles, and joint issues with growing older, yet quite a few people are taken aback by how aging affects the appearance of their smile. The mouth is used daily for biting, chewing, laughing, speaking, and some personal habits (some good, some bad). Decades of use will begin to show signs of wear on the mouth as people grow older. If your smile has taken on the appearance of aging that no amount of teeth whitening or hiding behind a closed smile can hide, now is the time to consider what porcelain veneers can do for you. Continue reading

Dental Treatments While Breastfeeding

Cosmetic Dentists in Manhattan NYExpectant mothers have a great deal on their minds as they grow a tiny human (or multiple tiny humans) inside their wombs. Of course, the worries of a mother never cease, and when a child is miraculously born into the world mothers have different concerns to keep them busy. Mothers who choose to breastfeed their babies must take extra precaution to continue to monitor what they allow into their bodies. Substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and other chemicals can affect the quality of their breast milk, thus affecting their nursing babies. Women who are breastfeeding and need dental treatment are often concerned how medications used during treatment will affect their milk. At Group Health Dental, we are committed to providing exceptional care to all our patients, and we want to help clarify guidelines for mothers who are breastfeeding healthy, full-term babies. Continue reading