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At Group Health Dental, we believe that having a professional, caring, and friendly staff is our greatest asset. Each and every person in our team is directly involved in making our office reliable, comfortable and clean. When you walk into our dental office, you'll notice the incredibly friendly and inviting atmosphere. We have hand-picked our staff to provide you an above average dental experience during your visit.

Our team is passionate and excited about how every day we are changing people’s smiles and consequently their lives. Without our awesome team, none of this would be possible.

Registered Dental Hygienists

Our highly qualified dental Hygienists are trained, licensed professionals motivated by the constant patient satisfaction. Our Hygienists are passionate about assisting patients with preventative care and dental care education. Besides teeth cleanings, our Hygienists also provide oral hygiene instructions, Fluoride and sealants (cavity-preventive agents), and Periodontal (Gum Disease) therapy.

Clinical Dental Assistants

Our highly trained Clinical Dental Assistants are dedicated to provide high-quality care under the instruction and supervision of our Dentists. They perform many duties, but most importantly, they work diligently to make your visits as comfortable as possible. Their standards for sterilization and patient protection are exceptional.


Our Front Desk Concierge staff gives each and everyone of our patients personalized attention. They are passionate on making sure every patient's needs are met, including short wait times, beverages, thorough Insurance Verification, as well as coordinating patient's treatment appointments. Our concierge's motto is "Be reliable & helpful with a smile".


Our Call Center staff are focused on finding every single patient the most convenient time for them to come in for their appointment. They are passionate about getting patients in as soon as it's convenient for the patient, as well as reminding patients about their upcoming appointments.


Our Billing Office staff are determine to handle all of our patient's insurance matters. Regardless of how complex questions are, they are ready to find the answer and help patients in regards to their insurance plan as well as make sure patient's insurance claims are submitted in a timely matter. Our Billing Office staff are always trying to serve patients better by attending C.E. courses on coding, billing, customer service, and software training.

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