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What can I expect on my first visit?
Your initial appointment will be an exam, your needed x-rays, and a basic cleaning. We like to be thorough on your first visit and therefore it may take up to one and a half hours to complete, so please plan accordingly. If you have periodontal disease or need additional treatment there is often the option to complete the necessary treatment the same day. However, some days are busier than others in which case you will be rescheduled to come back as soon as possible. We also offer a complimentary benefits check if you file with insurance so you are aware of all your benefits!
How much does treatment cost?
It’s very difficult to give a quote for treatment because each instance is very specific to the individual patient.
If you need an exact amount, for general treatment we have 2 options:

  1. If you’re due for a cleaning or have several issues that you’d like addressed so we can prioritize for you, we recommend our $99 new patient special. It includes a comprehensive exam, a full mouth X-ray and a cleaning.
  2. If you want to focus on one specific issue and you aren’t interested in a cleaning, we can charge the $99 but that money will be credited toward your treatment.For cosmetic treatments (veneers, implants, six month braces, whitening, etc.)- We offer a complimentary cosmetic consultation, so we can see your specific variables and give you a more exact estimate of the cost.
Do you accept insurance?
Yes! And we even offer a complimentary benefits check on your first visit!
How does payment plans work?
Depending on the treatment recommended, your payments would be broken down into an even schedule of payments. The first payment of 25% is due on the day you schedule your treatment. We do not finance extractions, and initial appointments consisting of exam, x-rays, and a cleaning.
What is Whitening for Life?
Whitening for life is a program to keep your teeth white as well as healthy. As long as you come every 6 months for your cleaning, you will receive free whitening gel for life.
What if I have an emergency?
If you have an emergency, call the office at (212) 398-9690 to schedule an appointment right away. If it is before 9 am, after 5pm, or on the weekend please submit an appointment request form found on the homepage of our website and someone will call you as soon as possible to schedule your appointment.
What is the difference between routine cleanings & deep cleanings?
Routine cleanings are recommended every 6 months for everyone to maintain teeth health and promote longevity of the teeth.
Deep Cleaning or scaling and root planning is preformed to treat periodontal disease. We can tell if this is occurring by having routine x-rays taken and by measuring your gum pockets. This is where any pockets that are 4mm or greater with bleeding are a risk for the disease. There is a bacteria in the mouth that gets into the gum pocket and starts to eat on the bone causing bone loss to occur. This bacteria can not only cause enough bone loss to make the teeth mobile or cause loss of teeth but it can also get into the blood stream and cause other health concerns such as heart disease, stroke or respiratory problems. We treat this infection with the deep cleaning by using a topical anesthetic to make you comfortable and clean down below the gums along the root structure of the teeth making sure it’s free of any calculus and also cleaning out the infection. After the therapy you will be given instructions for home care and brought back for a follow up in 6 weeks. This will start you off for your routine maintenance cleanings to keep you in a healthy state.


Our Patient Reviews

Group Health Dental

4.7 / 5.0

Based on 67 reviews

Karlee L.

VERY PLEASANT AND LOOKING FORWARD TO MY NEXT VISIT! This dental office was bright and warm from the moment I walked in. The young ladies there were friendly and very pleasant. They offered me a choice of beverage while explaining the online form enrollment process. My xray technician was very pleasant and went through a set of 18(!) x-rays using this new low-radiation equipment. It was a very painless process that went very quickly considering what it would normally take using the old way of taking individual bite-wings. Dr. Vazquez was also very pleasant as she patiently explained her observations of my x-rays.Afterward I sat down for my cleaning with Marcielle (spelling ?) - who was another round of pleasant service as she cleaned and polished my teeth. NO PAIN AT ALL! :) This office has a happy bright orange color theme which immediately adds to the very comforting and cheerful ambiance all around. All I can say is I highly recommend the staff here - they are so ready to deliver service with a smile!

Anita P.

When I stepped foot into the door at this dental office I was terrified because of my previous experiences in other dental offices. I had no choice but to come and get my teeth fixed so I made an appointment. I was warmly welcomed at the front desk and when I told the front desk how terrified I was of being there it was amazing how nice and supportive the ladies were. When I went in for x-rays the technician was amazing as she spoke to me and made me smile. The hygienist was amazing as she had to work hard to clean my teeth and she made me feel so comfortable and I had literally no fear what s ever. My fear was gone. As I saw the dentist I was amazed at her knowledge and he comfort and patience as she worked on me and advised me as to what I needed. I love this place and my fear of dentists is actually gone to the point that I already made two appointments for the rest of the work to be done. Thank you so much for making me feel so comfortable and part of your family as I was surrounded with people who actually cared about me and my feelings and who made me feel better. Thank you soooooooo much.

Olivia L.

Wow just started about 2 weeks ago and I must tell you that my experience was pleasant. I know how could this be possible. They were professional and attentive. The wait time is so short I could not believe it. They are knowledgeable and really work with you and your situation. Not looking to make that buck like so many others I have been to. I felt comfortable which has never been the case. The place is clean and covers a lot of dental work under one roof. I must say it is the best place I have been in years. They get my vote and I will be returning to continue my needed work !!

Dalit A.

I had an appointment with Dr. Concencion and got feedback on why I was there, which was for my concern about a tooth that had trauma to it years ago. I got a full exam that included full mouth x-rays and a cleaning. The receptionists, x-ray technician, dental hygienist, and dentist were all very friendly and pleasant to be around. It was really the most welcoming and comforting experience I've ever had at a dentist's office. I found it a little strange that I have to schedule a consultation with the endodontist to discuss my tooth that I am concerned about, but then again I don't know much about these things and actually do trust that they were being genuine about the medical advice I was given (which is usually not my feeling as a new patient at a dentist's office).


I first went to Group Health Dental at the beginning of 2015 for a root canal. My original dentist wanted to only do certain procedures because he didn't feel it was worth it financially since I have union coverage. He actually told me this to my face. He left me in tremendous pain and I even had to demand antibiotics. I was referred to Group Health by someone else but they were not able to help me because I was too swollen and they did not have an oral surgeon. I went elsewhere to have the tooth extracted since the infection was too severe for the tooth to be saved. Months later, I still needed work since I since never went back to the original dentist. I decided to take a chance with Group Health Dental and I am so glad I did. I walked in the door terrified from my experiences elsewhere but EVERYONE, from the young ladies at reception, the dental hygenist, exray technician, root canal specialist, dentist, his assistant and even the young ladies taking your payment made it an amazing experience for me. Pleasant, caring, gentle and professional people in a clean and pleasing atmosphere. I purposefully waited until all the work was done and waited an additional week to make sure the new work wasn't bothering me to write this review. If I could give them ten stars, I would. Group Health Dental rocks!!! :-) :-) :-)

Romairy L.

I was one of those people that dreaded going to the dentist, but after I started going to Group Health Dental in Midtown, I met Dr. Benito and everything changed. Now I am one of those people who actually looks forward to her dentist appointments. He and his assistant have rake in the street which causes both of them to always be in a great mood and they always are happy to see you. He always makes me laugh, and I mean always. Dr. Bonito and Esmira ( his assistant) are wonderful. they always make sure you're completely satisfied with their work, they're very attentive and always make time to see you when you have an emergency or need to speak with them. Now going to the dentist is one of those things that I post about on Facebook because I always come back with a new story or a new joke to tell after my visit to Dr. Benito and Esmira. If you want to have a dentist that feels more like visiting a friend than getting work done, you need to try Dr. Benito. #mydentistisbetterthanyours!!!

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