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Your Talking Teeth

Did you know your teeth could talk? While they can’t speak any words, they can tell stories just by looking at them. Our dentists at Group Health Dental are excellent at seeing what your teeth are communicating. Your Teeth Can Tell A Story Of The Foods You Eat Certain foods and drinks can leave a

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Feeling Some Stress About Your Olympic Team?

The thrill of the Olympics is in the air. That’s all everyone is talking about these days. It’s hard to get everything done and cheer for your favorite Olympic team at the same time. Perhaps your dishes are piling up in your sink, the house needs spruced up and the trash needs taken out, but

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Making Things New

Can you believe it’s 2018 already? How are you doing with your resolutions you made back in January? We’re already into February and the turning of the year has signaled the desire to start fresh and make things new. Many patients already enjoy the benefits of a new smile because of something called a dental

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Show Your Teeth Some Love With Invisalign

This month is all about love. Everywhere you look and go there are hearts, pink ribbons and words of love and affection. It’s a wonderful time of year if you have someone that you love and want to share your affection with. The reality is that not everyone is excited about Valentine’s Day. If you’re

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Top Causes of Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is a preventable occurrence in most cases, yet this condition still affects millions of people across the United States each year. When you realize the impact your choices have on your oral health, you can fully understand that your oral health is up to you. The following are the top causes of tooth

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Orthodontics Do Not Replace Dental Visits

Many people wrongly assume that when they are undergoing orthodontic treatment that the frequent trips to the orthodontist are enough to keep your smile healthy. The truth of the matter is that your orthodontist is responsible for correcting the alignment of your teeth and to regularly evaluate that your teeth are moving in their ideal

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Tooth Loss: Know the Top Causes

Tooth loss is a huge problem throughout the U.S. While America is most certainly not a third world country, the rate at which tooth loss affects Americans is astonishing. You need your teeth! Your natural teeth provide stability and strength to your entire jaw bone and facial structure. Just the loss of one tooth has

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Don’t Ignore Your Wisdom Teeth

Many people wrongly assume that if they did not have issues with their wisdom teeth in their late teens or early 20s then they are “off the hook.” Yet, not everyone’s mouth develops and reacts the same way. Wisdom teeth need to be given proper attention no matter what your age is. Ignoring your wisdom

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Mouthwash is Not a Substitute for Proper Oral Care

There are many options for taking care of your smile. Flossing, brushing, regular dental visits, mouthwash, and more are available to help you achieve a healthy mouth. Yet, many people want to use only certain options assuming that picking and choosing will keep their smile healthy and bright. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The

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