Karlee L.


This dental office was bright and warm from the moment I walked in. The young ladies there were friendly and very pleasant. They offered me a choice of beverage while explaining the online form enrollment process. My xray technician was very pleasant and went through a set of 18(!) x-rays using this new low-radiation equipment. It was a very painless process that went very quickly considering what it would normally take using the old way of taking individual bite-wings.

Dr. Vazquez was also very pleasant as she patiently explained her observations of my x-rays.Afterward I sat down for my cleaning with Marcielle (spelling ?) – who was another round of pleasant service as she cleaned and polished my teeth. NO PAIN AT ALL! πŸ™‚

This office has a happy bright orange color theme which immediately adds to the very comforting and cheerful ambiance all around. All I can say is I highly recommend the staff here – they are so ready to deliver service with a smile!

Anita P.

When I stepped foot into the door at this dental office I was terrified because of my previous experiences in other dental offices. I had no choice but to come and get my teeth fixed so I made an appointment. I was warmly welcomed at the front desk and when I told the front desk how terrified I was of being there it was amazing how nice and supportive the ladies were. When I went in for x-rays the technician was amazing as she spoke to me and made me smile. The hygienist was amazing as she had to work hard to clean my teeth and she made me feel so comfortable and I had literally no fear what s ever. My fear was gone. As I saw the dentist I was amazed at her knowledge and he comfort and patience as she worked on me and advised me as to what I needed. I love this place and my fear of dentists is actually gone to the point that I already made two appointments for the rest of the work to be done. Thank you so much for making me feel so comfortable and part of your family as I was surrounded with people who actually cared about me and my feelings and who made me feel better.

Thank you soooooooo much.

Olivia L.

Wow just started about 2 weeks ago and I must tell you that my experience was pleasant. I know how could this be possible. They were professional and attentive. The wait time is so short I could not believe it. They are knowledgeable and really work with you and your situation. Not looking to make that buck like so many others I have been to. I felt comfortable which has never been the case. The place is clean and covers a lot of dental work under one roof. I must say it is the best place I have been in years. They get my vote and I will be returning to continue my needed work !!

Dalit A.

I had an appointment with Dr. Concencion and got feedback on why I was there, which was for my concern about a tooth that had trauma to it years ago. I got a full exam that included full mouth x-rays and a cleaning. The receptionists, x-ray technician, dental hygienist, and dentist were all very friendly and pleasant to be around. It was really the most welcoming and comforting experience I’ve ever had at a dentist’s office. I found it a little strange that I have to schedule a consultation with the endodontist to discuss my tooth that I am concerned about, but then again I don’t know much about these things and actually do trust that they were being genuine about the medical advice I was given (which is usually not my feeling as a new patient at a dentist’s office).


I first went to Group Health Dental at the beginning of 2015 for a root canal. My original dentist wanted to only do certain procedures because he didn’t feel it was worth it financially since I have union coverage. He actually told me this to my face. He left me in tremendous pain and I even had to demand antibiotics. I was referred to Group Health by someone else but they were not able to help me because I was too swollen and they did not have an oral surgeon. I went elsewhere to have the tooth extracted since the infection was too severe for the tooth to be saved. Months later, I still needed work since I since never went back to the original dentist. I decided to take a chance with Group Health Dental and I am so glad I did. I walked in the door terrified from my experiences elsewhere but EVERYONE, from the young ladies at reception, the dental hygenist, exray technician, root canal specialist, dentist, his assistant and even the young ladies taking your payment made it an amazing experience for me. Pleasant, caring, gentle and professional people in a clean and pleasing atmosphere. I purposefully waited until all the work was done and waited an additional week to make sure the new work wasn’t bothering me to write this review. If I could give them ten stars, I would. Group Health Dental rocks!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Romairy L.

I was one of those people that dreaded going to the dentist, but after I started going to Group Health Dental in Midtown, I met Dr. Benito and everything changed. Now I am one of those people who actually looks forward to her dentist appointments. He and his assistant have rake in the street which causes both of them to always be in a great mood and they always are happy to see you. He always makes me laugh, and I mean always. Dr. Bonito and Esmira ( his assistant) are wonderful. they always make sure you’re completely satisfied with their work, they’re very attentive and always make time to see you when you have an emergency or need to speak with them.
Now going to the dentist is one of those things that I post about on Facebook because I always come back with a new story or a new joke to tell after my visit to Dr. Benito and Esmira. If you want to have a dentist that feels more like visiting a friend than getting work done, you need to try Dr. Benito.

Embarque E.

I liked it!

The service is a lot better. Everyone I came in contact with seemed happier and energetic.

Major upgrade was done to the infrastructure of the office. The computer network was updated and integrated with devices like the x-ray equipment. Most of the paperwork is electronic. Nice!

I went in for a crown and wisdom tooth extraction. The doctors were very professional and to the point. Teeth cleaning, the crown prep work and the extraction in about two and a half hours. Nice!

It is good to see the transformation of the place from two years ago that I was there last. Oh yeah. As you walk in, to your right, there is a little fridge filled with goodies, free. πŸ™‚

Bobbie D.

Dr. James Brown is the best dentist I’ve ever been to. His attention to detail and perfectionist tendencies have made my smile so much more beautiful. I came in with a lot of problems. I was traumatized by bad dentists. I needed a crown, I had several fillings, and I needed a good cleaning. Every time I go in, I walk out with nicer and healthier teeth!

I started off with the cleaning by Maura. My teeth have never felt so clean. She did an incredible job! Daisy, his assistant is so professional, and upbeat!

Then I saw Dr. James Brown. He has worked his way through my host of issues regarding my teeth, and we are almost done. I’m never going to let my teeth get this bad again, because I finally have an amazing dentist that I actually don’t mind going in to see!

The staff is really friendly, and professional. Everyone from the receptionists to accounting. The call and text to remind you of your appointments, and call afterward just to make sure everything is okay! I can’t recommend this place enough.

Dar K.
I had an “emergency extraction done” cuz my past dentist in the bronx did a so-so job on my lower bridge, i never went back. Group Health did the extraction w/minimal pain & inconvenience. The x-ray process was easy. The staff is friendly & my doctor has nearly 30 years experience. It was the opposite of my old dentist. & they have refreshments & the office is very clean which are pluses compared to my old dentist. Glad i found these guys.
Hugh J. S.

I am exceedingly pleased to have Group Health Dental as my new dentistry service.

On my first visit I found a friendly, helpful staff, in a really well-organized and efficient workplace. The process from x-rays to cleaning to follow-up took less than an hour. Doctor Brown was top-notch and all the staff were friendly, highly competent, and answered all questions I had. I am truly impressed by this establishment.

Jose B.

Excellent attention. Great work with my dental bridge. Doctors available all the time. They called me after appointments to know how I am doing. Free coffee and drinks. Good use of new technology. Reminders for appointments by phone calls and text messages. I strongly recommend it. Of course, I’ll come back anytime I need it.

G Y.

What a great and painless experience receiving care at this dental center! The service is seamless and exceptional. The staff are professional, knowledgeable and courteous. On cue, Dr. Desai promptly and gently examines me and answer my questions. The best part is that on all my visits, I showed up at the scheduled time and my appointment time was honored without delay. This is quality care with a personal touch. I love it. Thank you!

Nathan R.

The best dentist in 3 countries. I’ve visited numerous dentists in Australia, UK and USA, and this amazed me. They’re efficient, large, well-presented, and customer-service oriented. There’s art on the wall and it’s freshly painted. They’re friendly and sensitive to your needs, rather than a “get in, get out, give me money” mentality.

Roz B.

Dr. Hashimoto was awesome! Had root extraction & bone graft for an impending implant. He has a very calming and soothing demeanor which was great as I was extremely nervous. He explained the procedure very clearly, it was quick and not painful at all. Jose assisted and he was great as well. What a great team!

Tom C.

I’ve been going to Dr. James Brown for over 20 years. Everybody in the office is incredibly nice and helpful, and Dr. Brown is probably the only dentist you’ll ever look forward to seeing! His attention to detail is incredible, and he plays a mean guitar! I’m never changing dentists!

Renata R.

I’m happy to say its a superb office. They are professionals: always on time, calm, patient and efficient. I’m not a type of patients that’s easy to please. Dr. Hashimoto and his assistant Jose are excellent. If you ever have to have a dental extraction done, contact Dr. Hashimoto.

Saira S.

Friendly, efficient staff. Make you feel welcome right from the time you walk-in till your exit. I like that they were not too pushy and gave me space to decide which treatments was of priority to me. I notice that they were quite helpful to all patients around me. Timing can be managed better as both times I was there I had to wait atleast 15-20 minutes beyond my scheduled time. They were apologetic though.

Marlene F.

I found this place through my union and I knew nothing about it but I’m so glad I found it. I was very happy with my whole experience from the moment I walked in. They greet you with the utmost respect and offer you complementary coffee,tea and hot chocolate. It’s a nice and clean office and the whole staff are very nice to all. I would recommend this place.

Kelly M.

I haven’t been to the dentist in a while due to lack of insurance. Everyone there was kind and walked me through the process of getting signed up. I’m used to waiting about half an hour before being seen. Not even 5 minutes after being seating I was sent to go my xrays, cleaning, and see the dentist. A process that I am used to taking about 2 hours was done in 1 hour. 100% recommend this office!

Karen R.

Great staff, the BEST dentist- Dr Tedesco! I have been going to him for almost 15 years! He is kind, knowledgeable, precise, always helpful. I have had crowns by him, routine dental work- of the highest quality! Many of my friends go to him and we all agree that he is wonderful!!

Lynnette J.

The office staff made me feel welcome. I have been there twice and the wait time has been minimal. I had a deep cleaning and was nervous and Jen made me feel comfortable during the procedure. She even called to check up on me the next day. I highly recommend this place.

Megan B.

Group Health Dental was recommended to me by a coworker and I’ve been a patient for 2 years now! They have a beautiful renovated space with a friendly staff and fast and convenient appointments. The office is a quick 15 block walk to work and if I have an emergency I can swing by and be seen right away.

I’ve been very satisfied and continue to be satisfied with this office and all the people in it!

Philip M.

These guys are the best.. Fast, efficient, and friendly! They’re very good at confirming your appointments (text/Email/phone), and lining up your next one… All in all, they make going to the dentist a very pleasurable experience!!

PS: A special thanx to “Evelyn the Butcher”!!

Ineftali R.

Awesome, awesome, awesome staff and doctors!!! Great location. Let’s work on having more flexible hours though for working people, maybe some weekends. Overall, you want to come to Group Health Dental for that spectacular smile. You won’t be disappointed. Thank you very, very much.

Katie H.

My experience has been great. I’ve been going to Group Health for several years. I’ve found the environment pleasant. The staff has always been professional, efficient and caring.

Michael O.

Great facility and services!! I’ve been using this establishment for many years and am always satisfied with the treatments and staff. I would recommend the Group Health Dental Facility to anyone

Paul R.

I have been visiting Group Health Dental for the past year. I have found Doctor James Brown DDS and his assistants (Daisy and Esmira) to be very pleasant, knowledgeable, competent and professional. I first visited Doctor Brown on a referral and have come to realize that not only am I dealing with a professional but I’m receiving the services of a Very Good Dentist – one who I would publicly recommend to anyone in search of Dental Care at a great location.

***** Thank you Doctor Brown

Michael R.

Outstanding, and I enjoyed every minute that i was there. Beautiful, nice and kind. Even the office area and space is beautiful and clean. The best decision that i ever made. Glad to be back!

Sophia W.

My implant and crown was done at Group Health Dental. My experience with Dr. Brown is very pleasant and positive. Dr Brown is professional, and providing balance approach for my dental works, which bring the maximum functionality and minimum dental work.I highly recommend Dr. Brown and you can trust his work who is working for perfection.

Jackey B.

My recent visit to there office was excellent. They took fantastic care of me and I appreciate the amount of time they spent with me reviewing everything that I needed to be done for me. I would most certainly be recommending this office to all my friends.


I have been with Group Health for several years and have yet to have a bad experience. The staff is always friendly and helpful, my cleanings are always good, and Dr. Tedesco is great with me and my kids. I recommend them without hesitation.

Philip P.

Excellent care at excellent prices. I was referred by a friend who felt her care was 2nd to none. And i agree! I had a sinus lift today and expect to get a post and crown once the bone graft heals. A great find!

Ann E.

I’ve been a patient of the practice for about a year and a half. The front desk service is always friendly in addition to the dental staff. I enjoy the care received by my dental hygienist.

Jose S.

I was recommended to this place by a fellow co-worker and it’s the best decision I have made. They are very kind, work with you and are fast when it comes to your appointments. My dental spot for years to come.

James M.

As good of an experience that can be had when going to the dentist. It was my first visit and I was in and out pretty quickly. Staff was all courteous and helpful.

Stephanie C.

The office has always tried their hardest in making me feel as comfortable as I can be. I always dread the dentists’ office but in the end they always answer my questions, they are always friendly and any problems or concerns that I may have they always address it.

Judi V.

I had always dreaded visits to the dentist chair. I still do not look forward to them with glee; however, going is no longer dreadful. I make my 6 mos appointments regularly, and I am always pleased with the care I receive. Due to a lack of insurance, I was not able to take care of my teeth for a couple of years. So, GHD has been very thorough and professional in restoring my teeth to their proper function and desired health. Prior to that, I was limited to dental schools which were less than ideal. (Honestly, most visits were horrible- even if the students were friendly. Dental schools should be one’s LAST resort πŸ˜‰
GHD uses technology in an efficient way to keep me mindful of my appts. and to minimize my wait time. The TImes Square location is conveniently located. (Just want to add: I love the orange, white, brown decor!) And, finally, I really do appreciate their excellent customer service, πŸ™‚

Andrew L.

I came here because I had a dental emergency. Everyone was so helpful and sympathetic to my situation. Everyone is so friendly and make you happy to be there.

Linda M.

My visit to Group Health Dental is always pleasant. Dr. Benito is professional and
funny. Thank You Dr. Benito for your excellent Dental work.

Denise F.

The dentist and other staff members of Group Dental are patient, and I always feel confident that they will take the best care of me. Thank you all for making my visit a wonderful and dentafabulous experience.

Larry L.

The best dental experience I’ve ever had, really professional and clean environment as well as the faculty that work there. I recommend this dental clinic to everyone I give it a two thumbs up.

Jill K.

Great experience. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Brown and Dr. Hasimoto now for several years and I can’t say enough good things about them. I’m always able to get an appointment easily and even on short notice. The office is clean and the staff is friendly and professional. Dr. Hasimoto is nice and does a very thorough cleaning. I feel comfortable, never stressed when I come in for appts. here

Thania L.

This place is awesome. The minute you walk in you are greeted with smiles. The entire staff has your best interest at heart. Definitely recommend!!!!!!!!!

Frederick S.

Dr Matthew Hashimoto is superb. He has a deft hand and a gentle touch. His care is top-notch and he makes one feel as comfortable as possible in the chair.

Dr. Hashimoto is sole reason that I keep returning to GHD. I wish him great health and continued success.

Ephrem L.

Feels like home. Comfort at all times. They even sing during the holidays.

Kenneth W.

Terrific service and expert dental team. Dr. Hashimoto is thorough, knowledgeable, and builds immediate trust and likability.

Michelle M.

I love group health dental
I have had two teeth pulled and I experienced no pain. I’ve had root canals and tons of fill ins done. this dentist is amazing!

Autoparts K.

I’ve been a patient since elementary school, and the experience I’ve had always makes me look foward to coming here when i have an appt. Dr Tedesco saved my mouth, and Esmira puts my mind at ease. This is the only place that i will make appts with. The staff does a wonderful job making sure that everything is explained properly. Thank you Group health dental. Keep up the good work.

John T.

Nick Tedesco DDS and his expert assistant are professional and efficient. I can’t say enough good things about them and the entire Group Health Dental team. Finally, a dentist I can trust!!!!

Samuel P.

Awesome, scheduled an apt for the next day and everything was quick and easy even though I was 20 minutes late.

Orietta G.

Best dental office, caring and professional, I’m a patient for 6 years and real happy with them..

Kenny T.

Friendly, attentive and knowledgeable staff. Thank you guys!

Justin S.

Very Profession and personable. Amazing.

Borja F.

Rapido, amables y buen servicio.

Rosmery F.

I love this place, they are so friendly, the office is always clean.

Merilin A.

Extremely clean environment and incredibly professional/friendly staff.

Iris A.

Receptionist very friendly and helpful, including nurses and doctors.

Jeanie C.

My dental facility for 25 years! They make it a pleasure to go to the dentist!

Shanice S.

Staff was really friendly and patient and informative about everything.

Ernest G.

The service was very good and professional

Alpha D.

Great service

Diamond L.

Best Dental Experience Ever!!!

Margie P.

Great service

Walynn F.


Barbara J.

Dr. Brown is the best

Rosalba T.

This place is meticulously clean.Β  The staff is great and treat people with professionalism. I highly recommend this place.

Flora W.

Every appointment is like visiting family. I never dread coming to see the dentist anymore. We feel blessed to have found Dr. Morris. Thanks for always taking such good care of me. You’re the best!